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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What do you mean by registration?

    The administrator will require you to register in order to use all the features of the TCI Forums. Being registered gives you an identity on the board, a fixed username on all messages you post and an online public profile.

    Registration is free (unless otherwise specified), and offers an extended range of features, including the ability to:

    • Post new threads,
    • Reply to other peoples' threads,
    • Edit your posts and
    • Receive email notification of replies to posts and threads.
  2. How do I register?

    You can register by clicking on the 'Login/Registration' link in the top right corner of the page. You will be asked to enter your name, a valid email address, phone number and job title. Once you provide this information, you may have to click on a link in an 'activation email' sent to your email address.
    After clicking the activation link, you will prompted to choose your password and a security question. After completing this step, you will be registered for the TCI Forums.

  3. I forgot my password. What can I do?

    If you forget your password, you can click on the 'Forgot Password' link in the lower left side of the login page

    This link brings up a page where you should enter your registered email address. An email will be sent to that address shortly, with instructions for resetting your password.

    Since passwords are encrypted, there is no way to resend your original password. This option, however, does allow you to reset your password.

    NOTE: You must be able to receive emails at your registered email address for the reset password function to work. You may need to check your spam filters/folder if you do not receive the password reset email in a few minutes.

  4. Can I see other TCI Forum members' email addresses?

    For privacy reasons, no forum members' email addresses are displayed in the forum.

  5. Can I email other TCI Forum members?

    No, you cannot send email to other TCI Forum members. Due to privacy reasons, this feature is not available.

  6. Can I block or delete comments?

    As a post owner, you can block a user from commenting on your posts, or delete other user comments on your posts.

  7. What is the 'My Profile' page?

    The 'My Profile' page is where you manage your personal information, location and the specialty (or specialties) you're signed up for. To visit the 'My Profile' page, you have to register at first. Then, log in and click on 'My Profile' on the main page.

    You can manage/edit the following information on your profile page:

    • First and last name
    • Password
    • Job title
    • Gender
    • Phone number
    • Location
    • Specialties
    • Profile photo
  8. How do I change my profile details?

    For some profile details (like name or job title), click on the 'Edit' link beside the profile option you'd like to edit. For specialty, select and deselect specialty check boxes to set your TCI Forum list.

  9. How do I set my profile picture?

    To upload a profile picture, click on the pencil link beneath the profile shadow on the 'My Profile' page.

  10. How can I post a question?

    If you are logged in, you can post questions by clicking on the 'Post A Question' button in the main navigation bar on all pages of TCI Forums.

  11. Can I edit my post?

    Yes, you can edit your post if no user has commented on it. You can edit the post by clicking the 'Edit Post' button on a particular post.

  12. Can I delete my post?

    Yes, you can delete your post by clicking the "Remove Post" button on a particular post.

    Once you have removed/deleted your post, it will not be available for further comments/discussion.

  13. Can others edit or delete my posts?

    No, other users cannot edit or delete your posts.

  14. Can I block a user from commenting on my post?

    Yes, you can block any user from commenting on your post by clicking on the 'Block' button beside the user comment. The user will not be able to participate in the discussion if the post owner blocks that user.

    You can unblock any user by clicking the 'Unblock' button beside the user comment. The user will be able to participate in the discussion again if the post owner unblocks the user.

  15. If I am blocked by a post owner, can I still comment, share, etc., on that post?

    No, if you are blocked by a post owner, you will not be able to comment, share etc., on this thread unless post owner unblocks you.

  16. How can I comment on a post?

    If you are logged in, you can comment on any post by clicking on the 'Comment' button beside that post.

  17. Can I edit or delete my comments on a post?

    Yes, you can edit or delete your comments on a post. Also, post owners can delete your comments from their post if they consider them inappropriate or irrelevant.

  18. Can I follow or unfollow a user?

    User can follow or unfollow a TCI Forum user by clicking on the 'Follow' or 'Unfollow' button below the poster's name.

  19. Do I have an option for sharing posts/questions with my friends in TCI Forum?

    Yes, you can share TCI Forum posts/questions with your friends on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. To share a post, click on the Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter icons beside the question and share it with your friends.

  20. How is the 'My Posts' page different from the 'Home' page?

    On the 'Home' page, you will be able to see all the posts related to your preferred specialty selections in TCI Forums. On the 'My Posts' page, you will be able to access all the posts you have participated in, either by posting that question, sharing your comments on another post, voting on a post, etc.

  21. How can I search a specific post or thread?

    You can perform a search by adding keywords in the search box at the top of the page. TCI Forums will search for your keywords in the post titles and descriptions of posts across TCI Forums.

  22. What are 'Popular Posts' and 'Popular Writers' in TCI Forums?

    'Popular Posts' is a list of all the posts that have had maximum activity through comments, upvotes, downvotes, shares, etc.
    'Popular Writers' are the top six writers in each TCI Forum specialty, as determined by how much activity their posts have received (comments, upvotes, downvotes, etc.).

  23. What type of notifications will I receive on my TCI Forum account?

    Users will receive several types of email notifications at their registered email address. These notifications include:

    • Registration notification
    • Registration completion notification
    • 'Forgot Password' notification
    • 'Change Password' notification
    • 'Comment Posted' notification on user posts
    • 'Delete Comment by Post Owner' notification to user
    • 'Upvote Notification' to post owner
    • 'Downvote Notification' to post owner
    • 'Block/unblock Notification' to a user who has been blocked/unblocked by a post owner
  24. Can I attach files to my post?

    Yes, you can attach a maximum five files per post. TCI Forums supports several different document types, such as pdf, docx, xlsx, JPG, png, and GIF( maximum 2 MB per attachment).

  25. I uploaded an incorrect file to my post. Can I remove it or replace it with the correct file?

    Yes, you can remove/replace incorrect attachment from your post in by clicking the 'Edit' button on the post.

  26. Can I download an attachment from a post?

    Yes, you can download attachments from a post if you are logged into your account, and you include that post in your list of posts.