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Posted By Maria on 11-15-2018, 08:44:23 in Anesthesia
Hello Everyone,

I am very new to anesthesiology coding, so please forgive me so many questions. :)

My Dentist is paying the anesthesiologist for procedures done in office setting (POS 11) Thus the anesthesiologist will not bill.

My dentist then wants to submit a claim for the service, under the anesthesiologist's name/numbers, but of course paid to the dental practice.

The majority of these services will be for Medicaid patients. (Not sure if that is important information)

Does anyone have any suggestions, or references, etc.??

I think my CPT code will be 00170 .

I am reading, you determine your units by dividing the time each unit is. This seems to be determined by each insurance carrier?

Then you add to base unit, which seem to decided by the insurance carrier, to get the total units.

Then total units by what ever price you want to bill for each unit to determine total price.

24G box on 1500 form is where total units go.

Add your modifier.

Does anyone see any other possible problems, or is doing this now?

What will key the payer to send the payment to our practice?

I would appreciate any and all help.

Thanks, Maria

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