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Posted By marion on 10-06-2006, 01:34:00 in Cardiology
We are having problems getting paid on blood pressure checks by Medicare-CPT code 93784. Does anyone know the proper DX codes to use? have they changed? We were using white coat hypertenstion. Is that no longer a valid DX code for Medicare? Help please. Thanks
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Posted By marion on 10-09-2006, 00:47:00
Thank you for your very helpful reply with regard to 24 hr B/P checks.
Posted By Amy on 10-08-2006, 21:07:00
We do the 24 hour amb. BP here, but rarely get paid. To bill with the
diagnosis of white-coat hypertension to Medicare, you have to meet their
guidelines for white-coat, which are close to impossible to document.
I am not at the office currently, but off the top of my head to prove
white-coat to Medicare you have to document something like 2 abnormal
readings on the same day in the office setting, and 2 normal readings
away from the office setting on the same day, for 3 days, or something
ridiculous like that. The guidelines are on Medicare's website, or I
can e-mail them to you next week if you need them. Very hard to keep up
with. The physicians here use the ambulatory monitor as a tool to help
them treat the patients that have hypertension that is hard to control,
realizing that the chances of getting reimbursed are slim. They choose
to not have the patients sign ABNs, but that could be another option.
Posted By marion on 10-06-2006, 23:50:00
Yes we do the 24 hour monitoring with the print outs. Can we bill this??
Posted By April on 10-06-2006, 15:50:00
We do ambulatory BP monitors in the office.
786.2 is still a valid dx per our Medicare LCD. Have you checked yours for any updates?

Posted By Christina on 10-06-2006, 12:38:00
Is you practice/provider actually monitoring the patine for 24 hours or longer with recording, scanning analysis, and interpretation and report?

Personally, I have never seen this provided in a physician setting.

Posted By Christina on 10-06-2006, 12:34:00
99211 is what we billed.

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