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Posted By kimberly on 01-15-2007, 19:42:00 in Cardiology
when a physician does a left heart cath 93510 and an intracoronary stent at the same setting, do you bill for both?
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Posted By Christina on 01-17-2007, 20:52:00
The appropriate modifer when provided during the same session would be as follows:

Modifier 51 should be on 93510.2651

Modifier 59 should be on S&I codes (93555.26 & 93556.26 if provided)

Example 93510.2651, 93545, 93556.2659, 92980.RC

Posted By Sylvia on 01-16-2007, 17:01:00
No on the cath. Actually we use 58 on all cath codes and use 59 on the cath S&I codes when intervention is done after a diagnostic cath. The only modifier on the intervention code is the LD, LC, or RC (artery location).

Sylvia Kummer, CPC. CCP, CCP-AS
Sylvia Kummer, CPC, CCP, CCP-AS
Certified Coder/Certified Internal Coding Auditor
CardioVascular Associates
6420 Dutchman's Parkway Suite 200
Louisville, Kentucky 40205
502/891-8673 X111
Posted By Janet on 01-16-2007, 15:42:00
So the modifier -59 would be on the stent?
Posted By Billie on 01-16-2007, 00:27:00
Posted By Heather on 01-15-2007, 20:20:00
If the heart cath is diagnostic in nature and this is not an elective
PCI then yes, you do bill for it.

Make sure that it is truly a left heart cath and not just a coronary
angiogram. The physician would have to cross the aortic valve into the
left ventricle and take pressures, otherwise it's 93508
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