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Posted By lisa on 12-28-2005, 16:19:00 in General Surgery

Happy Holiday to everyone, can someone assist with codes for (1) evaluation
for permanent IV access..(2) removal of picc line

also, last week I had asked if anyone knew the cpt code for "excision of
perineal mass"...haven't gotten any responses.

Thanks in advance

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Posted By lisa on 12-29-2005, 13:28:00
Thanks for the response....the patient was male (perineal mass) and the
final dx was clear cell hidradenoma, negative for tumor

Posted By Lori on 12-28-2005, 20:33:00
For the excision of the perineal mass, it will be according to male or female. If male code with 1142x codes. For female look at 5640x thru 56740 codes. If the dx does not match or procedure does not match then you would also use the 1142x codes.

Posted By Patricia on 12-28-2005, 20:26:00
Lisa - For permanent IV access I use 459.89 as primary and the underlying reason why they need it as secondry. Removal of Picc line I agree with V58.61. For excision of perineal mass - is it male or female? and what was the post op dx?
Posted By Monika on 12-28-2005, 18:15:00
how about V58.81 for the removal of picc line
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