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Posted By Donna Holl on 07-16-2018, 16:25:45 in ICD-10
I am in the middle of completing a 2-year degree in Medical Billing and Coding. For one of my class assignments, I need to ask a coder 10 general questions about coding. I am new to the medical field so I don't personally know any medical coders to ask. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!

1. What qualifications do you need to get into the medical coding field?
2. What is the average starting salary?
3. What are the daily job duties of a coder?
4. What are some entry-level positions that a medical coding graduate should seek?
5. Are there any advancement opportunities in this career?
6. Is there a lot of face-to-face or phone interaction with patients involved?
7. What is the most challenging aspect of billing and coding?
8. How many hours a week does a medical coder usually work?
9. What medical and billing software is usually used?
10. What advice would you give a student wanting to get into medical coding?
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