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Posted By Danielle Levy on 10-15-2020, 09:35:50 in Ob-Gyn
Our physicians did a suction D&C on 09/28/20 for a missed ab ( outpatient ) billed 59820. On 09/29/20 pt is admitted as in patient where same physician performs mini-lap with evacuation of hematoma , excision of incisional site ectopic pregnancy and repair of uterine segment . I have attached all op and path reports . Would we bill the second procedure with 10140, and products of conception as diagnosis . I am aware we would need to add modifier . but Im a little stumped. Any suggestions would be most appreciated . Thanks in advance
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Posted By Melanie Witt on 10-29-2020, 14:31:57
10140 is not correct for any of this surgery. It represents removal of a hematoma below the skin which is not the case here. He starts out with a diagnostic laparoscopy and lysis of some minor adhesions, then converts to open to remove the ectopic that was in the previous cesarean scar and to remove the hematoma that was in the wall of the uterus. 59130 may be representative of the work, but this was not a typical abdominal ectopic pregnancy. I think you will have to go with the unlisted code for this surgery 59899 and compare the work to 59130. And of course you will want to use a modifier -78
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