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Posted By Danielle Levy on 03-05-2020, 14:40:57 in Ob-Gyn
Our physician performed LSC bilateral oophorectomy with urethral dilation and cystoscopy with bilateral stent placement. He's looking to bill 58661, 52281, 50715and 52005. Can you please review the op and path as I believe he's possibly incorrect. would you bill all these codes or just the 58661 and 52281? Thanks in advance
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Posted By Melanie Witt on 03-09-2020, 15:34:28
So code 50715 is an open abdominal procedure, not laparoscopic so you can't use that but would have to go with an unlisted code (50949) and you also don't have a diagnosis of retroperitoneal fibrosis, just bowel adhesions. 52281 may be correct, but there is no supporting diagnosis that will get it paid. He put in the stent so he could perform the ureterolysis so he could remove the ovaries so probably won't get paid for that. 52005 is not documented anywhere. I would go with 58661-22 for this surgery.
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