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Posted By Danielle Levy on 08-27-2020, 12:36:25 in Ob-Gyn
Our OB/GYN did a vaginal delivery . After 30 minutes patient was brought to the OR for manual removal of placenta . After all that pt was with postpartum bleeding . see attached operative report . How would you suggest we code for this repair . thanks
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Posted By Melanie Witt on 09-01-2020, 17:54:50
The op note does not make it clear if the surgeon doing the repair is the same one who did the delivery. If not, you can report 59300. If he did so the delivery then it a return to the OR (mod 78) but now you can't bill 59300, but rather would have to go unlisted (59899) and compare the work to either 59300 or 12020 as it was wound dehiscence rather than an original repair. 12020 has higher RVUs as it would involve removing old sutures and cleaning up the area which is the case here.
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