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Posted By Sandy B on 04-30-2021, 10:44:06 in Ob-Gyn
Can you bill cystoscopy with ureteral cath placement done at time of Hysterectomy to ensure no damage is done to bladder, ureters...etc during the hysterectomy procedure?
I found this documentation from 2014 that states "This from Society of Gynecological Oncology (SGO): QUESTION: Can you report a cystoscopy at the time of a pelvic procedure to make sure there is no injury to the ureters? ANSWER: A cystoscopy performed routinely at the time of a surgical procedure is not separately reportable. When procedures are done to "check" one's work, it is considered inherent in the procedure. Additionally, there is not an ICD code that can be appended to support a clinical need for the service. If there has been an injury to the ureters at the time of the surgery, then it would be appropriate to report the cystoscopy with the appropriate ICD code, such as hematuria."

Does the above SGO documentation still hold true?
If so then in the following example, the cystoscopy with cath would be considered incidental to the hysterectomy IF it is done only to ensure no damage was done to the ureters/bladder, correct?
EXAMPLE: "Robotic Total Hysterectomy with Bilateral Salpingo-oophorectomy (uterus <250g) and cystoscopy with cath placement " which are CPT codes 58571 & 52005

Does the same coding rule hold true to cystoscopy with stent placement at time of hysterectomy IF done to ensure no damage done to urinary organs...etc??

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Posted By Melanie Witt on 05-03-2021, 14:57:36
Yes, this still holds true. Any procedure done to prevent an injury would be integral to the procedure and very good work. Unfortunately, physicians don't always get paid extra for very good work.
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