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Posted By Maria on 03-14-2020, 21:47:47 in Ob-Gyn
Hi Melanie,

I am coding a C section for repeat with Insulin Dependent Diabetes.

#1 o34.211 for repeat C section.

It is necessary to code the diabetes since it was just given as a preoperative dx.

If needed, would this be coded with o24.32/ E11.9 (?) and z79.4

Then with weeks of pregnancy and outcome of delivery.

Thanks, Maria

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Posted By Melanie Witt on 03-16-2020, 16:08:11
If the patient requires extra care due to the diabetes, I would add the codes. The hospital is certainly going to code all of these to get the highest DRG possible. But why are you assigning an unspecified code - this is a case where the MD certainly knows if it is pre-existing type 1 or type to or gestational diabetes so go back and get more information. But if you are indicating E11.9 as your additional diabetes, you already know it is type 2 and you would report O24.12, not O24.32. And yes, you need to add the Z79.4 of you report O24.12 .
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