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Posted By Mary Peabody on 05-07-2020, 18:53:11 in Ob-Gyn
Hello Melanie
If the assessment states that the patient tested positive for Covid-19, but given no fever and improving symptoms, return to work, would you still use the U07.1 or a history of code?

#. COVID-19 - pt tested positive with start of symptoms over 2 weeks ago, was briefly hospitalized and now discharged. He reports mild cough/throat irritation which is significantly improved, no fevers (without using antipyretics) for over 3 days. Overall feeling very well, no shortness of breath
- Patient educated on CDC guidelines related to lifting of home isolation
- Given no fever >72 hours without antipyretics, overall improving respiratory symptoms, and >7 days since onset of symptoms, I believe it is OK to lift home isolation and return to work.
- I will write letter for return to work
- Discussed return to care precautions, including worsening symptoms (SOB, cough, fever)

#. Chronic DVT - stable
- Adherent to warfarin

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Posted By Melanie Witt on 05-12-2020, 15:12:38
As there is no code for "recovered" COVID19, you should assign U07.1 to this patient. She still is reporting some symptoms and you can code those as well (cough/sore throat). However, I also just found a Q&A from the AHA coding clinic that indicates if the patient had covid19, now is being seen in follow-up and no longer has it and has been retested to show the virus is no longer present you would code this as Z09 followed by Z86.19. But given your example, the patient still seems to have mild symptoms and you do not know at the time of this visit that she is now covid19 negative.
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