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Posted By Virginia Dunlap on 06-22-2018, 12:44:25 in Ob-Gyn
I do coding for the Outpatient Labor and Delivery, where pregnant patients are seen for abdominal cramping, contractions, and other related pregnancy problems. Patients who have Rh negative blood type need to get a Rhogam injection at 28 weeks. These patients are registered here for the Rhogam injection. How would I code this?

Should I be using the O26.893 or Z31.82 or Z29.13, for prenatal patients with a negative blood type receiving a Rhogam injection at 28 weeks (routinely).

And also, which codes would be appropriate for a prenatal patient with negative blood type who presents with early bleeding or a miscarriage, and receives a Rhogam injection.

Thank You
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Posted By Melanie Witt on 06-22-2018, 16:39:02
The diagnosis will be determined by the reason the Rhogam is administered, not any other symptoms the patient has. If it is routine and you do not have evidence of positive Rh antibody titers that indicate isoimmunization is present, you will report z29.13 as you are performing it prophylactically. If you are testing for the presence of antibodies your diagnosis would be Z31.82, and if the antibodies are positive you then report an O36 code. O26.893, Other specified pregnancy related conditions, third trimester would not be appropriate to report since there are more specific codes that explain the injection.
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