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Posted By sonia p on 06-13-2019, 08:50:33 in Ob-Gyn
Hi Melanie- I find conflicting info online about this code.
!. Can it be used for either TA or TV?
2. If a provider does TV to do a relatively brief IUD string check could you use 76857? If not, what documentation is required for 76830?
3. One site mentioned 76857 is ONLY for follicles, but that doesn't seem right either.

Thank you so much!
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Posted By sonia p on 06-17-2019, 07:33:10
thank you!
Posted By Melanie Witt on 06-15-2019, 17:20:33
There is no black and white "authoritative" opinion on this. ACOG recommends doing a transvaginal ultrasound (76830) to check for IUD position if the strings are not found but what constitutes the exact documentation requirements for this code not to be found. ACR suggests you document the areas of interest (which may include the uterus, tubes, ovaries, cul-de-sac and endometrium) but there are no exact requirements. However, the physician work, when compared to 76857 is more (.69 versus .50 RVUs for physician work) and in fact is the same as that assigned to the complete exam (76856) so one would assume the documentation and exam should reflect a more complete exam. 76857 can be reported for any limited transabdominal exam, not just looking for follicles, but it should not be used for a transvaginal exam. Some payers will accept use of modifier -52 on 76830 for decreased work (such as only looking for follicles),
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