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Posted By Tammy on 03-27-2019, 20:24:32 in Ob-Gyn
would I code the attached op report with a 57180 or a 58999 or something else? Patient had a colpo in office and bleeding couldn't be stopped on the cervix. she went to labor and delivery and the surgeon did hemostasis of cervix under IV sedation using Monsel's application.
Thanks for the help.
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Posted By Melanie Witt on 03-28-2019, 15:22:55
57180 is for vaginal hemorrhage which this was not. I think it would be more appropriate to code this as 57410. As this was not a return to the OR (as the colposcopy appears to have been done in the office setting), a modifier -78 is not needed here. The IV sedation appears to have been performed by anesthesia so you do not bill for it. Applications of the Monsel's would be included in 57410.
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