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Posted By Tammy on 09-17-2018, 20:49:54 in Ob-Gyn
Patient is 4 days postpartum and ended up back in hospital for wound infection, necrotizing fasciitis of surgical wound post cesarean section
Operation: Re-opening of recent laparotomy, drainage of fluid and debridement of necrotic tissue.
Would this be 49002 reopen recent laparotomy? or I was also thinking 10180 I&D postop wound infection
Need help please
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Posted By Melanie Witt on 10-10-2018, 17:28:10
I think the correct code for this would be 11005, Debridement of skin, subcutaneous tissue, muscle and fascia for necrotizing soft tissue infection; abdominal wall, with or without fascial closure. It has 22.64 RVUs. The description of work used to add this code to CPT in 2005 is as follows: Open the skin in its entirety. Open the fascia along the necrotic portion. Debride the necrotic skin, subcutaneous tissue, fascia, and underlying muscle of the rectus abdominus and external oblique by sharp dissection. Enter and drain multiple abscesses. Carry out the debridement cephalad, caudal, and laterally until healthy muscle and subcutaneous tissue is reached and all of the necrotic/abscessed tissue is removed and all areas of hemorrhage are controlled. Irrigate all wound areas with copious amounts of saline and then antibiotic solution. Place multiple drains in all wound sites and pack the wound beds with saline-soaked gauze. Partially reapproximate the abdominal fascia with sutures to help prevent evisceration of bowel and to protect exposed viscera in areas without peritoneum.
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