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Posted By angie on 03-17-2020, 15:28:08 in Ob-Gyn
do you know what the requirements are for telemedicine for medicare since they passed it to being payable during this time.
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Posted By Melanie Witt on 03-18-2020, 18:58:42
The big difference is that the originating site can now be the patient's home but they must use an audio device with video capabilities to communicate with the provider who also has this set up in their office (and the office site will now be considered the "distant site" for billing purposes). You must use the POS 02 on the claim, but the GT modifier is no longer needed unless you are a critical access hospital. By extension, many Medicaid programs are also offering to pay for telehealth services but have different rules that you would have to follow so please check with them individually. Keep in mind that this change in rules only applies until the emergency is over and the HHS secretary will be the one to let provider know. The basic Medicare coverage information with codes that can be billed is found at:

The new Medicare Fact Sheet which talks about the temporary rule changes can be found at:
Posted By Kim Turner on 03-18-2020, 11:47:37
Posted By Kim Turner on 03-18-2020, 11:42:12
I don't know the requirements but i think they are just allowing us to bill whether or not we are enrolled into Telehealth. Does anyone know the cpt codes?
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