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Posted By Maria on 03-27-2019, 10:25:00 in Ob-Gyn
Melanie, I am not sure what way to go with this one. Path did not confirm molar pregnancy. 59812?

OP Note
Preoperative Diagnosis: Possible molar pregnancy
Postoperative Diagnosis: same
Procedure: Suction Dilation and Curettage
Anesthesia: Monitored Local Anesthesia with Sedation and Spinal
IV Fluids: 1000 mL of lactated Ringer's
Estimated Blood Loss: 50 mL
Complications: None
Specimens: products of conception
Findings: Large nabothian cyst on anterior cervical lip. Cystic structure within endometrium. Large amount of questionable products of conception vs molar pregnancy vs unknown evacuated from endometrial cavity. Endometrial stripe 6-7mm on ultrasound after procedure.
Procedure Details:
The patient was taken to the operating room where IV sedation and spinal anesthesia was administered without difficulty. She was placed in the dorsal lithotomy position with legs in Allen-type stirrups. She was prepped and draped in the normal sterile fashion. A time-out was then performed.
An exam under anesthesia revealed the above findings. A weighted speculum was inserted into the posterior aspect of the vagina, and the anterior lip of the cervix was grasped with a single tooth tenaculum clamp. A hysteroscope was introduced and the cervix was dilated via hydrodistention. The above mentioned findings were noted. The cervical os was then dilated with Hank dilators so a 8-mm curved suction curette could be introduced and advanced to the uterine fundus. The suction was then started. A moderate amount of tissue and products was evacuated with the curette rotating outward. The suction curette was removed, and gentle endometrial curettage was performed using a medium sharp curette. The suction curette was then reintroduced to clear the uterus of any remaining blood and products. The single tooth tenaculum clamp was removed from the cervix, and good hemostasis was noted. An ultrasound was brought into the room and the endometrial stripe was evaluated and noted to be 6-7 mm.
The patient tolerated the procedure well. All counts were correct times two. She was awakened from IV sedation anesthesia and taken to the recovery room in stable condition. The patient will go home after recovering from anesthesia and meeting all the criteria for discharge.

Uterus, uterine contents, curettage:
   Predominantly blood admixed with necrotic immature chorionic villi,
consistent with products of conception.  
Thanks so much.


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Posted By Melanie Witt on 03-28-2019, 15:11:32
Immature chorionic villi signify an intrauterine pregnancy so you would code this using 59812 and use the Dx code for incomplete abortion. Despite his having used a hysteroscope, you should not report code 58558 as it is meant for non-ob conditions. Also note that the RVUs for 59812 are 8.59 and those for 58558 are only 6.63 so you would not want to also report a diagnostic hysteroscopy on the claim as the 59812 implies any method of surgical removal.
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