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Posted By TESSA Vaughan on 02-10-2021, 11:51:45 in Ob-Gyn
I am probably asking the same question twice but I wanted to give the exact scenario so that I can better explain to my drs why they can or can not bill for the ov's. :)

1st SCENARIO - Pt is here for yearly exam and the pt says she wants an iud so the dr schedules the pt to come back in a week or so for the iud insertion. Can the dr bill another ov when they insert the iud? After the Iud insertion is done the dr brings them back again for an ultrasound (with a dx code of iud surveillance) can the dr bill another ov when they bring them back for the ultrasound?

2nd SCENARIO - Pt is seen for a yearly exam and during the exam the decision is made to schedule an ultrasound and then after the ultrasound is done a colposcopy is scheduled. Can the dr bill an ov with the ultrasound? and then another ov when the colposcopy is done??

Thank you for your help!!!
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Posted By TESSA Vaughan on 02-10-2021, 13:49:11
WOW!!!! You are quick!! Thank you so much for the information.
Posted By Melanie Witt on 02-10-2021, 13:45:54
1) The answer to this question is based on a fundamental precept in CPT coding. If the purpose of the visit is a procedure, only the procedure may be billed unless a SEPARATE AND SIGNIFICANT E/M is provided and documented that is not related to the procedure. This same principle applies to the ultrasound visit unless some other issues were being discussed or evaluated during this encounter. All ultrasounds include interpretation and report so the interpretation that the IUD was in place would be included and not a separate E/M service.

2). In this case you have 2 separate services: an annual exam and an ultrasound. So yes, you can bill both on the same date of service. But no, you cannot bill an E/M on the date of the colposcopy as it was the reason for the visit (see answer to #1) above.
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