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Posted By Susan on 04-18-2007, 21:09:00 in Ob-Gyn
Does anyone know the formula for figuring out fees using the RBRVS?
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Posted By Susan on 04-19-2007, 17:04:00
Thanks Dr. B, e-mail is
Ins co is basing their allowable fees on RBRVS and I'm trying to figure out what they are suppose to be paying us.
Posted By Ronda on 04-19-2007, 13:52:00
Could you please include me.
Thank you.
Posted By Karen on 04-19-2007, 13:24:00
I would also like a copy -

Thank you!!
Posted By Kimberly on 04-19-2007, 12:10:00
For Non-Facility it is (atleast according to my book...):

2007 non-facility pricing amount = [(work RVU * Work GPCI) + (RB
non-facility PE RVU * PE GPCI) + (MP RVU * MP GPCI)] * Conversion factor

For Facility it is:

2007 Facility Pricing Amount = [(Work RVU * Work GPCI) + (RB Facility PE RVU
* PE GPCI) + (MP RVU * MP GPCI)] * conversion Factor

If you have any luck with these formulas let me know... I have the tables
and such to get the information, but I have yet to fiugre them out exactly.

Kimberly Horn, CPC, BSHA
Dr Shanbour and
Dr Goff
Oklahoma City, OK 73120

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Posted By Renee on 04-19-2007, 11:53:00
Could you send one to me as
new job not sure how they came up with their fess
Thank you in advance
Posted By Aundrea on 04-18-2007, 22:13:00
There isn't a standard formula for figuring out fees. Your office needs
to determine how you want to set your fees. We loosely base our fees
off of our insurance contracts.
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