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Posted By Amanda on 12-21-2006, 21:27:00 in Ophthalmology
I am in desparate need of a diagnosis for Bergmeister Papilla?


Comments (7)
Posted By David on 02-09-2007, 22:29:00
Typically Bergmeister papilla is a remnant of the fetal hyaloid artery.
Since they are on the optic nerve, where there are no photoreceptors, it
would not obscure vision. The blind spot from the optic disc would
cover that!
Posted By Amanda on 02-09-2007, 19:26:00
Anymore thoughts on this?

Posted By Amanda on 02-04-2007, 22:40:00
He states in his impression of the photos a remarkable membrane obscuring portions of the disc. Now what?

Posted By John on 01-17-2007, 16:06:00
Possibly code patient's presenting symptoms?
Unfortunately, Bergmeister's Papillae doesn't have
subjective symptoms; only the doctor can see it during
fundus exam. Anyone else have a thought?

Dr Wachter
Posted By Rita on 01-16-2007, 15:31:00
Anyone know where I can find the 1998 Medicare fee schedule? I have
searched the Federal Register to no avail.

Rita Knapp, CPC
Abrams EyeCare Associates
Chief Compliance Officer
Senior Billing Specialist
Direct (317) 573-0756
Fax (317) 846-6063
Posted By Amanda on 01-15-2007, 21:39:00
What do you recommend I do then without a dx?

Posted By John on 12-26-2006, 17:41:00
I don't believe that there is a diagnosis code for
Bergmeister's Papilla aka glial veil.

Dr Wachter
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