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Posted By Amanda on 02-22-2007, 21:56:00 in Ophthalmology
We are debating this here at work and I thought the best place to get some GOOD opinions is to ask the group.

When billing for Contact Lenses and/or Glasses what should our bill date be?

The initial date the patient is seen by our optician?

The date they finally order the hardware?


The date the patient is finally supplied with the hardware?

Thanks for everyones thoughts!

Comments (7)
Posted By Rita on 02-26-2007, 12:53:00
With Dmerc patients it must be the date dispensed. For private pay, we
enter ours on the day the materials are ordered.

Rita Knapp, CPC
Abrams EyeCare Associates
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Posted By Chris on 02-23-2007, 21:48:00
who's your dmerc carrier? Is it Cigna? They have an online manual, but it's kind of difficult to sort through....let me know and I will find it for you.

Posted By Tracy on 02-23-2007, 18:25:00
We go by the date the contacts/glasses are ordered.

For Medicare (glasses after Cataract surgery), they want us to go by the
date they are picked up.

Tracy Guenther
Novus Clinic
Tallmadge, Ohio
Posted By Amanda on 02-23-2007, 17:43:00
More opitcal/contact lens questions..... The question is between CPT 92310 and 92314. How much of the service does or should the physician be doing to bill for CPT 92310? Thanks, Amanda
Posted By Amanda on 02-23-2007, 16:37:00
I went online and found the lenses LCD and it doesn't state anything about billing. Where would I actually go? Amanda
Posted By Amanda on 02-23-2007, 16:28:00
Thanks!! Amanda
Posted By Chris on 02-23-2007, 02:36:00
Check out the Medicare DMERC guidelines, they state that it is the date the
the patient receives the product.

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