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Posted By Amanda on 01-28-2002, 17:52:00 in Ophthalmology
Doesn't 92020 Gonioscopy require a drawing? One of my doctors dictate quite
often and he mentions in his dictation under a MISC Column: Gonio OD grade
IV wide open angles 360.

Is that good enough to charge?

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Posted By douglas on 02-01-2002, 15:17:00
You are right. I forgot that changed a couple of years ago. Before, if you
did an extended exam and found no holes, etc., it did not require a drawing,
but a verbal description that scleral depression was done 360 without
finding a break was sufficient. Now a drawing is indeed required. Sorry
for the erroneous information. Glad you picked up on it.

Douglas R. Anderson
Posted By douglas on 01-31-2002, 15:02:00
CPT description does not include a drawing for either gonioscopy or extended
ophthalmoscopy. Extended ophthalmoscopy does require an interpretation and
report, however, which gonioscopy does not.

However, there are regional policies defined in LMRPs. Some regions require
drawings for extended ophthalmoscopy, and some even have some details of
what must be in the drawing, how larger, etc. I do not know of any such
LMPRs that require gonioscopy to have a drawing, but it could exist. Check
local LMRPs to see what applies in your region.

Douglas R. Anderson
Posted By douglas on 01-30-2002, 17:32:00
I know of no requirement for a drawing. Only that the exam was done and
documented. Because CPT counts it as a "separate procedure", there has
always been confusing about this service and its possible bundling.

Douglas R. Anderson
Posted By Amanda on 01-30-2002, 17:30:00
Does anyone have their doctors do that? Is it okay to bill then?

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