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Posted By f. on 02-02-2006, 15:28:00 in Orthopedic
starting in 2006 Medicare has replaced confirmatory consultation codes:
99271, 99272, 99273, 99274, and 99275. What are you using in replacement?
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Posted By Sandi on 02-03-2006, 14:09:00

The 9925X codes were not deleted - the 9926X were.

Sandi Hamrick, CPC
Posted By Chris on 02-02-2006, 20:15:00
no, you can no longer use the 9926X (1-3) codes.

Chris P. Galeziewski; CPC
Kelsey-Seybold Clinic
Posted By Roach, on 02-02-2006, 18:35:00
According to AAOS bulletin Dec '05: Under the new guidelines for 2006, if a patient requested a second surgical opinion you would report the appropriate E/M level code and not a consultation code. If, however, the carrier requested the second surgical opinion, you would use the appropriate outpatient or in patient consultation codes with mod-32 appended.

Tammy C. Roach, CPC
Carolina Orthopaedic Surgery Assoc.
Rock Hill, SC 29732
Posted By michelle on 02-02-2006, 17:38:00
Regular Consult codes! They also changed the Inpatient Consult codes so be careful. You can no longer use the 9925X codes.

Posted By LaVonna on 02-02-2006, 16:49:00
Looking at the 2006 CPT Changes book it states that the confirm. consult codes were deleted b/c they were redundant to the other outpatient consult codes (99241-99245). My interpretation of this is, dependent upon who requests the confirm. consult you would either report 99201-99215 or 99241-99245. CPT still states that a consult is a request from another physician or other appropriate source. Therefore if a patient requests, reporting 9924x is not appropriate, you would have to report 992xx.
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