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Posted By Christie on 01-23-2007, 19:57:00 in Radiology
Hello List,

My employer asked me if I would be interested in a subscription to Coder's Pink Sheet. I currently have Radiology Coding Alert and I am very satisfied with the amount of information in the monthly issue.

Is the Coder's Pink Sheet subscription a similar format as Radiology Coding Alert as the price is #348.00? Also, with the offer is ICD-9/CPT Coding Work Tools handbook.

I also get Clinical Examples in Radiology which I find disappointing for the amount of money my company pays.
Thanks for your input
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Posted By Deepa on 01-24-2007, 18:22:00

Deepa Malhotra
Deepa Malhotra MS, CPC
Aurora, IL 60504
Posted By Kolleen on 01-24-2007, 18:20:00
Sorry I got side tracked.
You can contact:
Radiology Coders's Pink Sheet
11300 Rockville Pike #1100
Rockville MD 20852-3030
877 602 3835

Posted By Kolleen on 01-24-2007, 12:36:00
We also get the coder's pink sheets and I like the pink sheets very much.
Posted By Laura on 01-23-2007, 22:25:00
I personally love the coder's pink sheet. I also get the Radiology Coding
Alert & Clinical examples in radiology....I'd have to say the coder's pink
sheet is my favorite. Very informative and organized...
That's my opinion anyway...
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