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Posted By Christie on 12-14-2005, 19:44:00 in Radiology
Hello List,

Could someone direct me to any black and white evidence or website that describes if IAC's are inclusive of MRI Brain when performed at the same time. I need to show my supervisor, but now I have confused myself since reading this "forum's archives".

70551-70553 IAC's regardless if performed solo. This is the code
70551-70553 MRI Head

If 2 reports, double code with modifier 59-this is the way I now understand. I thought you only code 1 time when performed same day.

AND forget coding 70543 for IAC's (as I have previously been coding)

Someone straighten me out please-ASAP

Thank you
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Posted By Kolleen on 12-16-2005, 20:28:00
let me know if you get it I just faxed it
Posted By Kolleen on 12-16-2005, 15:40:00
I finally found my hard copy while I was looking for something else-go
So send me your fax no. and I will fax it to you. I will be out of the
office today from 11:00 to 1:00 though.
Posted By Donna on 12-15-2005, 18:54:00
I believe the March 2005 AMA CPT Assistant had an article, as well as
previous publication in ACR Radiology Coding Source.
If MRI Brain and MRI IAC are separately ordered and 2 separate full and
complete studies are done, you can code 70551-70553 twice. However, don't
expect to get paid twice.
If what is done is an MRI brain with a few extra slices focused on the IAC,
then code 70551-70553 only once.

Donna J Richmond, CPC, RCC
CodeRyte, Inc.
337-236-3755 phone/fax
337-412-2272 cell/voice mail
Posted By Christie on 12-15-2005, 17:42:00
Hello Edwina,
You are always so willing to help us all. Thanks a lot-I will keep
searching and I'm sure I'll find it somewhere. However, if you come
acroos anything, please post it.

Thanks again
Posted By Christie on 12-15-2005, 17:39:00
Hello Kolleen,
Wow, I appreciate you spending the time to search archives for me. I
will review the archives (if I can figure out how to get there in our
new set up here). Thanks again
Posted By Kolleen on 12-15-2005, 15:13:00
Christie I looked back and on april 12 in the archives we talked about this also I had a hard copy about this from arc but I can not seem to find it. But if my memory serves me right I think you can bill for both, however you might not get paid for the second. Just check the archives though.
Sorry I couldn't find my hard copies.
I did fax it out to others so maybe they are more organized than I am and can find it.
Posted By Edwina on 12-15-2005, 00:29:00
If my memory serves me correctly, the ACR has some good information on this subject. I believe that IACs are considered part of the complete brain, but I'm like you, I've been directed in so many directions that I don't remember anymore. Sorry but I don't have a direct link to give you, thats all in a previous email address which I no longer use.
Edwina Sprow, CPC
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