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Posted By Christie on 10-26-2006, 15:38:00 in Radiology
Hello List,

In normal anatomy, are the CPT codes 36216-RCC and 36217-R Vertbral? Does SIRS says it is 36217, 36218? I'm confused.

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Posted By Kim on 10-26-2006, 17:55:00
The Right Common Carotid is a 2nd order branch and the Right Vertebral is a 3rd order branch so you would bill them as such if catheterized at different operative sessions. If, however, the physician catheterizes both during the same operative session, because they are in the same vascular family, you get the 3rd order - 36217 and then the additional 2nd order becomes 36218. Does this make sense?
Posted By Kolleen on 10-26-2006, 17:34:00
SIR is correct because they are within the same vascular family. You would code to the highest placement which is your vertebral 36217 and then the cc would be the additional of 36218.
Posted By Shelly on 10-26-2006, 17:33:00
Christie, You are correct. Normal anatomy is 36216 RCC and 36217 Rt
vertebral. You may be looking at variant anatomy in SIR. When a patient
has a bovine arch the RCCA would then become 36217 which happens in about
10 of patients. Hope this helps!

Shelly M. Kubczak
Business Administrator
Imaging and Diagnostics
Phone (989) 583-6261
Fax (989) 583-6086
Posted By Marylin on 10-26-2006, 17:23:00
On the right side the vertebral is 36217 and the CC is 36218. You code to the highest position in a family (36217) and any additional second (36216) or third order of the same family is 36218. For the codes 36217, 36216, 36215, and probably 36218 you can no longer use RT/LT. Can anyone verify that you can not use RT/LT on 36218?

Marylin I. Brinkman, CPC
Coding Coordinator - Physician
Clarian Health Partners
Posted By group on 10-26-2006, 17:18:00
You are only allowed 1 2nd or 3rd level per vascular family and only use
the highest order so if you have a 36216 and a 36217, the 36216 becomes
Clear as mud
Linda Racki, BS RT(R)(M)(QM)(RCC)
OSF-Saint Francis Medical Center
Radiology/Medical Imaging
Peoria, IL 61637
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